IT Services

Courage Software Development provides a broad range of IT services that include:


Custom Application Development

Our clients usually entrust us with the entire responsibility of implementing their vision. Therefore we have plenty of experience in every stage of software development:

  • Acquiring Domain knowledge
  • Understanding application requirements
  • Exploring possible solutions
  • Identifying problem areas
  • Evolving implementation strategies
  • Translating ideas into code


Web Application Development

Professionals at CSD have extensive experience in developing high quality websites and web applications in multiple domains. We have expertise on different web technologies like Microsoft .NET, Java, Adobe Flex etc.

Our team members are highly proficient in design and development of web applications using latest content management system frameworks.

We are dedicated and committed to the customer requirements for developing web applications and we follow standardized procedures during the whole project cycle. Systematic analysis and efficient system design will be done by experts in the field and this will be very much helpful for the developers to do their job smoothly. As a matter of this closely knit & skilled workforce, the output will be carrying maximum quality, which is our major strength.

Once the application is developed we can host the application. All our customers are very much satisfied with our services and we always look forward in implementing latest technologies in order to provide world class services to our customers.


Mobile Application Development

We offer a unique expertise in Mobile Application Development for various platforms including Android, iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone, J2ME, Nokia, Symbian OS.

  • We have a specialized and dedicated team for mobile application development to provide the best service to our clients needs
  • We develop mobile applications for various mobile operating systems across a wide range of hand-held devices.
  • We have successfully developed and deployed many Android Apps
  • Apps are available in Google Play
  • Application development experience in iPhone,J2ME

We have developed our own prestigious android based product ANTS.

You can browse our android developed apps at www.ants.courage.co.in


Social Networking

We have successfully developed two applications based on twitter using the twitter API. We also have experience working with the facebook API. The expertise we have gained in working with these social networking sites enables us to build complex applications that can exploit the potential and reach provided by popular social networking platforms.


Networking Applications

We are specialists in building Networking applications. Our specialization in networking includes in-depth knowledge of Networking protocols, Traffic analysis and identification of security issues.


VoIP Applications

Working on some of our projects has given us the opportunity to deepen our knowledge in networking and learn new technologies and platforms to enable us to build audio/video streaming applications and even integrate web based conferencing applications with mobile applications.


Corporate Training

  • We have specialized trainers, who have loads of experience in software industry
  • We offer a number of customized IT training programs for small, medium as well as large organizations. We deliver corporate trainings as per the client’s requirements
  • We also deliver online corporate IT training programs


Professional Consulting

CSD offers organizations resolve issues that are holding them back from achieving their goals, by providing technical and organizational solutions. CSD can improve existing business processes and products, or create something completely new. We are about making organizations work better and finding new ways of doing business. We achieve this through our expertise, fresh thinking, and great design.

We can also work with you to implement changes to your organization and technology.


Application Maintenance and Support

In software industry business changes happens on a regular basis and majority of the cost goes into Application Support and Maintenance activities. CSD has a dedicated Support & Maintenance department, where in the team has significant experience in support and maintenance of complex software applications developed both in-house and by 3rd parties.

We maintain your existing applications, which allows your developers to shift focus on new applications. Our Support and Maintenance team has well experience in investigating and troubleshooting the problem.

Our services in Application Maintenance and Support include:

Feature Enhancements: Implement new features to your existing application without affecting the reliability or functionality of your business logic.

Troubleshoot: Investigating the root cause and fixing the bugs without effecting the reliability of the application.

Quality Assurance Testing: Quality Assurance Testing does not mean not only testing but ensuring developed system conforms to the technical requirements.


Workshops / Webinars

We at CSD have always been open to the idea of spreading the knowledge and experience that we have gained working on the many projects for our clients. We have found two channels to be very effective for knowledge transfer in the form of workshops and webinars. To this end our team has already delivered four workshops at different prestigious colleges all over India and one webinar for techgig.com on Android application development for beginners. We are keen to continue to deliver more workshops and webinars in collaboration with various organizations .



We have a good foundation and in-depth understanding of different aspects of application security. The wide variety of projects that we have worked on and the kind of experience that we have gained in providing vulnerability analysis and solutions to improve security, gives us the ability to foresee possible issues before hand and provide valuable inputs to our clients